U-M Annual Data Science & AI Summit 2023

November 13-14, 2023
University of Michigan Central Campus, Ann Arbor

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About the U-M Annual Data Science and AI Summit

The U-M Data Science and AI Summit is the largest annual data science and AI event on campus. This event brings together the U-M data science and AI research community and their external collaborators to build research vision and collaboration. It also showcases the breadth and depth of U-M data science and AI research, from theory and methodology development to the transformative use of data and AI to address scientific and societal challenges in all domains. The event is free for all attendees (U-M faculty, staff, and trainees, as well as industry, government and community members).

To learn more about what to expect from this year’s event, explore the event program from the 2022 Data Science and AI Summit.

Call for Research Vision Talks and Poster Presentations

The Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) invites submission of abstracts for 1) research vision talks and 2) poster presentations, for the 2023 U-M Data Science and AI Summit that will take place on Nov. 13-14.

As the focal point of data science and AI at U-M, MIDAS facilitates the work of the broad U-M data science and AI research community, advances data science and AI methodologies and applications, and promotes the use of data science and AI to benefit society. The annual summit showcases the breadth and depth of U-M data science and AI research, and fosters ideas and collaborations that will lead to the next breakthroughs. 

Presentations at the summit should cover one or more of the following areas of data science and AI research:

  • Theoretical foundations, methodology and tools
  • Responsible data science and AI
  • Applications of data science and AI to address significant scientific and societal challenges

We invite submissions for the following:

  1. Abstracts for Research Vision Talks (20 minutes including Q&A).  Research Vision talks should discuss exciting research ideas, stimulate discussion within an interdisciplinary data science and AI community, and lay out collaboration opportunities. These talks should not simply be technical reports of projects. We especially encourage submissions from faculty members.
  2. Abstracts for Posters. The Posters can showcase research projects, data sets, software, or data/AI research tools. Posters with students as first authors will be automatically entered into the poster competition.


11:59 pm, Sept. 13, 2023

notifications on Oct. 6, 2023.

Submission Instructions

  • At least one author/presenter should have a U-M affiliation.
  • Please do not include figures, tables or bibliography in the abstract.  
  • To submit abstracts for research talks and posters
    • Please include a title, list of authors/presenters and their affiliations. 
    • The main body of the submission should be no more than 300 words. 
    • For Research Vision talks, please include a brief abstract about the research idea and its context, methods and impact, and how it can benefit from collaboration.
    • For posters, please include a brief summary of the research, methods, main results, and impact; or the details of a dataset, software or tool, how they can be used for research, and potential users.
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For questions, please contact Jordan McKay (jordomck@umich.edu), MIDAS Project Manager.

Program commitee

Lia Corrales

Lia Corrales


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Walter Dempsey


Alex Gorodetsky

Aerospace Engineering

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Elle O’Brien

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