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The Michigan Institute for Data Science strengthens University of Michigan’s preeminence in Data Science and catalyzes the transformative use of Data Science in a wide range of disciplines to achieve lasting societal impact.

MIDAS By the Numbers

Affiliated Faculty
Externally Funded Projects by MIDAS Research Teams
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MIDAS Highlights

  • Data Science for Music
    This grant program distributed four awards of $75,000 for projects at the intersection of music and data science.
  • The 2019 MIDAS Symposium
    The MIDAS annual symposium is the largest data science research event on U-M campus
  • Discussion Boards
    This discussion board is a friendly environment for beginners to ask questions regarding data science methods utilizing Python
  • MIDAS 2.0
    Introdution Slides
  • Research Working Groups
    MIDAS fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration through a number of research working groups
  • Michigan Data Science Fellows Program
    Seven outstanding young data scientists will join MIDAS at U-M as the inaugural cohort of the Michigan Data Science Fellows program.