The Michigan Institute for Data Science strengthens University of Michigan’s preeminence in Data Science and catalyzes the transformative use of Data Science in a wide range of disciplines to achieve lasting societal impact.

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Externally Funded Projects by MIDAS Research Teams
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MIDAS Highlights

  • Data Science for Music
    Demonstrating the creative use of data science through its transformative application in arts research
  • Consortium for Data Scientists in Training
    MIDAS organizes the first Consortium for Data Scientists in Training in the country to build collaboration with academic data science institutes
  • Research Datasets
    Enabling U-M researchers to use a collection of large datasets for wide-ranging research topics
  • External Partnerships
    Partnerships with industry, non-profit organizations and academia for research, talent recruitment and societal benefit
  • Research Reproducibility
    Raising awareness and building resources for reproducible research in data science
  • Michigan Data Science Fellows Program
    A postdoctoral program dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leading data scientists.