• Fair Representation in Arts and in Data
    A year-long collaboration between data scientists, artists and museum curators examines the art collection at UMMA with face detection algorithms.
  • MIDAS 2021 Reproducibility Challenge
    MIDAS is pleased to announce the 2021 Reproducibility Challenge. Our goal is to highlight high-quality, reproducible work by collecting examples of best practices across diverse fields.
  • 2022 Data for Public Good Symposium
    The symposium will launch virtually on March 24, 2022 and will showcase the research efforts and community partnerships that focus on improving humanity by using data for the public good
  • MIDAS Intensifies support for research in four interconnected “pillars”
    MIDAS unveils the beginning of its new phase, nicknamed MIDAS 3.0, which will build on its previous success to pursue a new strategic goal


Voices of Our Researchers

Voices of Our Researchers: Christopher Brooks

Privacy opt-out for college students may lead to inequities, writes Christopher Brooks, a MIDAS affiliated faculty member

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