MIDAS Research Hubs

Building on the expertise of U-M faculty,
focusing on innovative data science tools and methodologies.

MIDAS Research Hub: Transportation

The Next Generation of Mobility

The mission of the MIDAS Transportation Research Hub is to harness the power of big data to help develop the next generation of mobility, from driverless and autonomous vehicles to integrated multi-modal transportation systems. The Hub is partially funded by the U-M Data Science Initiative, which, among other efforts, provides faculty research grants for projects likely to garner significant investment from industry or government.

MIDAS Research Hub: Health Science

Advancing the spectrum of biomedical research

The MIDAS Health Science Research Hub aims to enhance U-M biomedical researchers’ ability embrace the opportunities and challenges brought about by advances in data science. The Hub will catalyze the development of theories and innovative methodologies in data science, and their application to the entire spectrum of biomedical science, from basic research to translation research, to clinical applications, with the ultimate goal of using data science to improve the health of our society.

MIDAS Research Hub: Learning Analytics

Improving education through data

The MIDAS Learning Analytics Research Hub helps U-M faculty take advantage of the trove of student data collected by the University over the years to improve educational practices and student outcomes, and is partially funded by the U-M Data Science Initiative.

MIDAS Research Hub: Social Science

Leading the evolution of social research

The data science revolution is bringing unprecedented opportunities to social science research.  Never before have we had such enormity and variety of data, from endless social media streams to every survey imaginable, from outputs of every conceivable sensor and wireless device to massive consumer databases. We are seeing data in every form, every level of granularity and quality.  Social scientists’ newest challenge is to generate insight from the data for the political, economic and social wellbeing of individuals and our society.

MIDAS Research Hub: Music

Connecting data science and music

U-M has incredible depth in data science expertise and a world-class School of Music, Theatre and Dance.  With this initiative, MIDAS helps U-M scientists lead the nation the research at the intersection of data science and music.

Research News

See a complete listing of publications from MIDAS-affiliated faculty via Google Scholar.

MIDAS announces winners of 2018 poster competition

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The Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2018 poster competition, which is held in conjunction with the MIDAS annual symposium. The symposium…

MDST group wins KDD best paper award

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A paper by members and faculty leaders of the Michigan Data Science Team (co-authors: Jacob Abernethy, Alex Chojnacki, Arya Farahi, Eric Schwartz, and Jared Webb) won the Best Student Paper…

U-M part of new software institute on high-energy physics

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The University of Michigan is part of an NSF-supported 17-university coalition dedicated to creating next-generation computing power to support high-energy physics research. Led by Princeton University, the Institute for Research…

Fake news detector algorithm works better than a human

| Research | No Comments
MIDAS-supported researchers recently demonstrated an algorithm-based system that works better than humans in identifying fake news stories. Press release | Paper presented to the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics…

Integrating ridesourcing services with public transit: An evaluation of traveler responses combining revealed and stated preference data

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MIDAS-supported researchers recently published a paper on the potential for incorporating ridesourcing services with public transit. Press release | Paper in Transportation Research

New Insights on Sperm Production Lay Groundwork for Solving Male Infertility

| Research | No Comments
MIDAS-supported researchers recently published findings that used single-cell analysis of 30,000 cells from mouse testes to improve the understanding of spermatogenesis. Press release |  Paper in Developmental Cell