MIDAS advances cross-cutting research in data science theory, methodology and applications. We provide leadership in research best practices, including reproducible data science and ethical data science. We enable research through pilot funding, training and dataset access. We facilitate groundbreaking ideas and foster collaboration through research working groups and other research incubation events. This page is an overview of data science resources at MIDAS and elsewhere on U-M campus, at various stages of research.

Our research support focuses on a set of “pillars” at any given time in order to achieve maximum impact, while supporting Data Science and AI research across the University broadly. The current pillars are as follows:

1. Responsible Research Pillar: Enhancing Scientific and Societal Impact
2. Data Pillar: Measuring and Improving Society
3. Analytics Pillar: Transforming Health Interventions
4. AI Pillar: AI in Science and Engineering
5. Emerging Pillar: Cultivating New Strengths

Learn more about the MIDAS pillars.

Affiliate Faculty Collaborations

MIDAS affiliated faculty collaborated across 12 schools and colleges for FY2022. The line thickness indicates the extent of collaboration.
Source: e-Research submitted proposals for the fiscal year 2022


Data acquisition & Research