Vineet Kamat


Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Computing, Data Integration, Data Visualization, Image Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Vineet Kamat

John L. Tishman Family Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

John L Tishman Family Professor of Construction Management and Sustainability, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director Academic Program, Graduate Education, College of Engineering

My group conducts research in automation and robotics to improve work processes in the construction, operation, and maintenance of civil infrastructure and the built environment. Our research has developed several licensable technologies that include visualization, perception, and modeling techniques to help on-site construction robots with autonomous decision making. We are particularly interested in exploring new methods for enabling collaborative work strategies for human-robot teams jointly performing field construction work. In addition, we are also interested in exploring methods to integrate data to support semi-autonomous mobility for people with physical disabilities in the urban built environment.

Data-Driven Co-Robotic Field Construction Work