Economics, Finance and Business, Engineering, Environmental and Climate Research
Artificial Intelligence, Bayesian Methods, Computing, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Networks, Optimization, Statistics
Relevant Projects:

NSF, Great Lakes Industries, Tekes (Finnish Innovation Fund), Dow Chemical, Ford Motor Company, Ceres (NGO)


Board Member, Global CleanTech Cluster Association

Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts

Former-President, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors

Research Institute of the Finnish Economy

MSCI, Bloomberg, Credit Suisse, BlackRock, CalPERS, TruCost S&P

Peter Adriaens


Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering
Ross School of Business
School for Environment and Sustainability

My research focus is on the development and application of machine learning tools to large scale financial and unstructured (textual) data to extract, quantify and predict risk profiles and investment grade rating of private and public companies.  Example datasets include social media and financial aggregators such as Bloomberg, Pitchbook, and Privco.

9.9.2020 MIDAS Faculty Research Pitch Video.