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Engineering, Social Science


Editor, Administrative Science Quarterly

Gerald Davis


Management, Ross School of Business
Sociology, LSA
Institute for Social Research

My research is broadly concerned with corporate governance and the effects of finance on society. Recent writings examine how ideas about corporate social responsibility have evolved to meet changes in the structures and geographic footprint of multinational corporations; whether “shareholder capitalism” is still a viable model for economic development; how income inequality in an economy is related to corporate size and structure; why theories about organizations do (or do not) progress; how architecture shapes social networks and innovation in organizations; why stock markets spread to some countries and not others; and whether there exist viable organizational alternatives to shareholder-owned corporations in the United States. Recent publications are available at http://webuser.bus.umich.edu/gfdavis/articles.htm.

Ties Among the Fortune 1000 Corporate Boards

Ties Among the Fortune 1000 Corporate Boards