CHANGES: Collections, Heterogeneous data, and Next Generation Ecological Studies

Research Overview

The team is developing methods to integrate and analyze varied and patchy ecological data to make new insights into impacts of recent environmental change on biodiversity. They will examine more than a century’s worth of data from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Fisheries Division and the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology. Using the crowdsourcing platform Zooniverse, they will engage broad public communities to assist with the initial classification of thousands of individual 5” x 7” observation cards, before utilizing statistical modeling and other data science approaches to investigate the effects of habitat and climate changes on inland lake fish communities across Michigan.

Research Impact

Research Team

Karen Alofs, School for Environment and Sustainability

Andrea Thomer, School of Information

Hernan Lopez-Fernandez, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Museum of Zoology

Randy Singer, Museum of Zoology

Justin Schell, Library, Shapiro Design Lab

Kevin Wehrly, Institute for Fisheries Research and Michigan Department of Natural Resources