Yafeng Yin


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Yafeng Yin


Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Interim Chair, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Professor of Industrial and Operations Engineering, College of Engineering

My research interests include the analysis, modeling, design and optimization of transportation systems towards achieving sustainability and economic efficiency. My ongoing research involves investigating the implications of emerging technologies on mobility services and systems. I closely follow the development of new technologies, such as smart mobile devices and apps, sensoring technologies, electric vehicles, drones, and connected and automated vehicles, and examine how they could potentially affect both the demand and supply sides of transportation systems, and then explore how to leverage these new technologies to better design, operate and manage transportation systems and improve the efficiency, reliability, safety, and diversity of the transportation services. Beyond transportation, Dr. Yin also studies the interdependency of urban infrastructure systems such as transportation, power and communications networks.