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Complex Systems, Ecological Research, Environmental Sciences
Causal Inference, Dynamical Models, Geographic Information Systems, Missing Data and Imputation, Network Analysis, Predictive Modeling, Statistical Inference, Statistical Modeling
Relevant Projects:

NASA Ecological Forecasting

Neil Carter

Assistant Professor

School for Environment and Sustainability

Carter’s research combines quantitative, theoretical, and field approaches to address challenging local to global wildlife conservation issues in the Anthropocene. His work includes projects on endangered species conservation in human-dominated areas of Nepal, post-war recovery of wildlife in Mozambique, human-wildlife coexistence in the American West, and the effects of artificial lights and human-made noise on wildlife habitat across the contiguous US. Research methods focus on: (1) spatializing both human and wildlife processes, (2) probabilistic methods to infer human-wildlife interactions (3) simulation models of coupled natural-human systems, and (4) forecasting and decision-support tools.