Kelly Psilidis

Faculty Training Program Manager, MIDAS

Kelly Psilidis (P-see-lee-these) is the Faculty Training Program Manager with MIDAS. She is honored to be supporting a multi-university team of instructors to develop a groundbreaking nationwide training program for biomedical science faculty and staff scientists. Kelly also coordinates the MIDAS Summer Academies for faculty and staff to build data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills.

As an experienced training manager and higher education administrator, Kelly brings over 19+ years of experience to the MIDAS department. She revels in unraveling the complexities of a project and piecing it back together in a way that not only makes sense but also sparks excitement. Her passion lies in empowering partners, fostering positive collaborations, and strives for the best possible outcome that contribute to the overall success of MIDAS.

While she’s not busy revolutionizing the training world, you can find Kelly hiking beautiful Michigan with her golden retriever, Jager or in the kitchen concocting new recipes. Her husband and two children play the role of her brave taste-testers.