Behavioral Science, Biological Sciences, Informatics, Social Science
Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Image Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Networks
Relevant Projects:

Biomarker Discovery for Neurogenerative Diseases


IEEE, Sigma Xi

Halil Bisgin

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science - Flint

Associate Professor of Computer Science, College of Innovation and Technology, The University of Michigan-Flint

My research is focused on a wide range of topics from computational social sciences to bioinformatics where I do pattern recognition, perform data analysis, and build prediction models. At the core of my effort, there lie machine learning methods by which I have been trying to address problems related to social networks, opinion mining, biomarker discovery, pharmacovigilance, drug repositioning, security analytics, genomics, food contamination, and concussion recovery. I’m particularly interested in and eager to collaborate on cyber security aspect of social media analytics that includes but not limited to misinformation, bots, and fake news. In addition, I’m still pursuing opportunities in bioinformatics, especially about next generation sequencing analysis that can be also leveraged for phenotype predictions by using machine learning methods.

A typical pipeline for developing and evaluating a prediction models to identify malicious Android mobile apps in the market.

Accomplishments and Awards