Eytan Adar

(734) 647-8028

Behavioral Science, Social Science
Data Mining, Data Visualization, Image Data, Networks
Relevant Projects:

IARPA, NSF, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Yahoo


Co-founder ICWSM

Past general chair WSDM

Kavli fellow

Eytan Adar

Associate Professor

School of Information
EECS, College of Engineering

Associate Professor of Information, School of Information and Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering

My work is at the intersection of data mining and human-computer interaction.  My research is focused on both modeling and the construction of new systems that leverage those models.  Current projects include mining large-scale social media systems (Twitter, Reddit), networks (e.g., academic citation graphs), text/networks (meme propagation, information extraction, news articles, political networks), and cross-cutting methods (link prediction, community detection).  Work on systems building includes new visualization systems (automated visualization, interactive machine learning, etc.), ranking systems (social feeds), and data-driven end-user support (end-user and developers).

Research Highlights