Computer Science, Cyber Security, Information Systems, Networks, Sensors and Sensor Networks
Classification, Data Security and Privacy, Deep Learning, Optimization
Relevant Projects:

IoT/CPS Security Research at the University of Michigan


Data Science Undergraduate Program Advisor and PC member

Atul Prakash


EECS, College of Engineering

My research interests include security, privacy, and adversarial machine learning.
More information about some of the current projects can be found at https://iotsecurity.engin.umich.edu.

9.9.2020 MIDAS Faculty Research Pitch Video.

An adversarial testing pipeline to fool machine learning classifiers. A STOP sign is being modified using stickers so that a state-of-the-art classifier is fooled into thinking it is a 45 SPEED LIMIT sign. For more details, visit https://iotsecurity.engin.umich.edu (Robust Physical Perturbations tab)