Andreas Rauch

Schmidt AI in Science Fellow

The development of the next generation of propulsion and power-generation devices requires enhanced understanding of the multiphysics processes governing them. I am focused on developing data-driven physics constrained models to provide high fidelity computational tools for flow prediction and analysis.

Advances in both computational and experimental methods have generated significant high-resolution fluid dynamics data. However, the tools utilized for model development have not harnessed the potential of this data. Rather than using data to augment and drive model development it is often only used for a-posteriori validation. I am interested in assimilating high-resolution data into computational models to increase simulation predictive capabilities and reduce computational cost.

  • AI Mentor: Venkat Raman; Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Science Mentor: Steven Ceccio; Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Science Mentor: Christopher Limbach; Aerospace Engineering
  • Additional Mentor: Roger Ghanem; Civil Engineering
  • Research Theme: Data-Driven Modeling for Computational Fluid Dynamics