“MIDAS is proud to support Drs. Quan Nguyen, Christopher Brooks, Daniel Romero and team as they study students’ mobility patterns on campus to reduce exposure to the coronavirus.”

-H.V. Jagadish, Director, MIDAS

High-resolution spatial analysis to inform the response to COVID-19 in Michigan.

Drs. Quan Nguyen, Christopher Brooks and Daniel Romero (School of Information) lead their team to understand how students use campus spaces and their mobility patterns, using network analysis.  Their research will identify which student groups and which campus spaces are most vulnerable for infection, which are vital information as universities are planning to reopen the campus.

The MIDAS COVID-19 Propelling Original Data Science (PODS) grants were awarded on May 13th, 2020, each of the 7 teams received funding of up to $30,000 with projects starting immediately and expected to finish by the end of 2020. These projects demonstrate the resolve, expertise, and creativity of U-M data scientists facing a public health crisis. To learn more about the other projects please visit our COVID-19 PODS awards page.

Our team cares about the safety of college students on campus. In this project, we will analyze how people move around campus to identify high-risk locations and student groups with a greater chance of exposure to COVID-19. We hope our findings will assist the planning of campus operations at the University of Michigan and provide a replicable approach for other institutions. - Quan Nguyen