Graduate Data Science Certificate Program

BIDS-TP Fellows & Trainees

The University of Michigan T32 Biomedical Informatics and Data Science Training Program (BIDS-TP) trains data-savvy, computationally skilled, and highly motivated biomedical scholars through the development of an intellectually stimulating environment and implementation of an effective competency-based curriculum. To enhance their scientific, clinical, and translational abilities, all BIDS-TP students will be trained in collecting, managing, processing, interrogating, and analyzing large amounts of complex high-dimensional biomedical information with rigor and transparency.

Annually, the Program makes 2-year appointments to support 8 Fellows (fully funded by this T32 program) and up to 8 Trainees (independently funded). The BIDS-TP program represents a unique collaboration between the UM’s Department of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics (DCMB) and the Michigan Institute for Data & AI in Society (MIDAS). This partnership will provide immersive synergistic activities, translational education, transdisciplinary research projects, co-mentoring, and career development for all BIDS-TP trainees. Feeder graduate programs with eligible pre-doctoral trainees include DCMB and MIDAS doctoral students from engineering, mathematics, statistics, public health, and information sciences.

Over 40 UM faculty members from 8 UM Schools provide breadth and depth of scholarly co-mentoring, career coaching, and student-specific curriculum development. The competency-based BIDS-TP curriculum requires all trainees to complete the add-on MIDAS-administered and Rackham Graduate School-accredited graduate data science certificate program and actively participate in BIDS-TP workshops, seminars, and short courses on health analytics, biomedical informatics, and computational data science. The Program emphasizes foundational understanding of complex experimental designs, computational inference, data-driven decision-making, and advanced health analytics.

All UM doctoral students enrolled in the Rackham GDSC Program are eligible to apply for BIDS-TP. Funded Fellowship slots require US citizenship/PR. Both Fellows and Trainees are fully, actively, and equally engaged in BIDS Program activities. Application procedure and other logistics are available on the BIDS-TP website.