Around 260 U-M faculty members from over 60 departments are affiliated with the Michigan Institute for Data Science, providing them access to collaboration opportunities, support for research funding submissions, and updates on data science news and events at U-M and beyond.

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Steven Abney

Computational linguistics with data science methods

Eytan Adar

Large-scale human-computer interaction

Peter Adriaens

Data science tools for finance research

Michelle Aebersold

Simulation and data tools for nursing education

Mahesh Agarwal

Number theory, geometry., polynomials

Arun Agrawal

The politics of international development, and environmental conservation, institutional change

Hyun-soo Ahn

Mathematical models of supply chain management

Raed Al Kontar

Smart and connected products and systems

Amal Alhosban

Semantic web, fault management and wireless network

Mark Allison

Autonomic control of complex cyberphysical systems

Daniel Almirall

Causal inference for longitudinal data

George Alter

Metadata for demographic behavior, research transparency and data security

M. Reza Amini

Intelligent transportation, autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, mobility

Yves Atchade

Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods in regression and graphical models

Brian D. Athey

Bioinformatics in psychiatric pharmacogenomics; high-throughput image analysis.

Yongsheng Bai

Algorithms Bioinformatics Big Data Multi-omics Precision Medicine