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Competitive Data Science at Michigan

MDST Quicken Loans Challenge Launch
September 21, 2017 6-7pm
1571 GGBL (GG Brown on North Campus)

Learn more about the Michigan Data Science Team and what we do at our Fall ’17 Kickoff Session.

Meeting Times for Fall 2017

  • Project Team Meetings: Thursdays 5:30pm to 6:30 in BBB 3725
  • MDST Tutorials: Tuesdays 5:30pm to 6:30 in Dow 3150 

Check the calendar to confirm there is a meeting!

Internal Site

MDST’s Internal Site hosts information our active members, all our active projects and a comprehensive list of data science resources.

New Members

Prospective Members should sign up here to join MDST.

The Michigan Data Science Team (MDST) is a competitive collegiate data science team at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Together, we compete against professional and amateur data scientists from around the world in online prediction challenges.

Competitive data science has become increasingly prominent in the past decade with the immense popularity of high-profile competitions such as The Netflix Prize. Now, online venues such as Kaggle, DrivenData, and Quantopian, among others, provide platforms for data scientists around the world to make impactful contributions to a huge variety of prediction problems while competing for cash prizes. Previous competitions have explored prediction problems in healthcare, particle physics, finance, and countless other domains, and have involved many types of structured and unstructured data.

We an organization at the University of Michigan in MIDAS that is looking for dedicated students who are interested in taking part in data science competitions. Ideally, students will have a strong background in computer science, mathematics, and statistics, but all students are welcome to participate. We will be meeting on a weekly basis throughout the year, where students can share strategies and give tutorials. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings! For your hard work and dedication, we will be offering internal prizes to the students who achieve the highest performance on our prediction challenges.

Current Projects

MDST announces Detroit blight data challenge; organizational meeting Feb. 16

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The Michigan Data Science Team and the Michigan Student Symposium for Interdisciplinary Statistical Sciences (MSSISS) have partnered with the City of Detroit on a data challenge that seeks to answer the…

Google, U-M to build digital tools for Flint water crisis

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FLINT—A partnership between Google and the University of Michigan’s Flint and Ann Arbor campuses aims to provide a smartphone app and other digital tools to Flint residents and officials to…

Current Posts

Driving with Data: MDST Partners with City of Detroit for Vehicle Maintenance Analysis Project

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Author: Josh Gardner, School of Information For this project, MDST partnered with the City of Detroit’s Operations and Infrastructure Group. The Operations and Infrastructure Group manages the City of Detroit’s…

MDST partners with Adamy Valuation for market analysis

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Authors: Michael Kovalcik, College of Engineering; Xinyu Tan, College of Engineering; Derek Chen, Ross School of Business. Problem Overview The Michigan Data Science Team partnered with Adamy Valuation, a Grand Rapids-based…