Behavioral Science, Healthcare Research, Social Science
Image Data, Networks

Stephan F. Taylor

Professor of Psychiatry


Albert J Silverman M.D., C.M. Research Professor of Psychiatric Disorders, Professor of Psychiatry, Medical Director, Research and Research Regulatory Affairs, TMS Program, Psychiatry, Associate Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Medical School and Adjunct Professor of Psychology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

STEPHAN F. TAYLOR is a professor of psychiatry and Associate Chair for Research and Research Regulatory Affairs in the Department of Psychiatry; and an adjunct professor of psychology.

His work uses brain mapping and brain stimulation to study and treat serious mental disorders such as psychosis, refractory depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Data science techniques area applied in the analysis of high dimensional functional magnetic resonance imaging datasets and meso-scale brain networks, using supervised and unsupervised techniques to interrogate brain-behavior correlations relevant for psychopathological conditions. Clinical-translation work with brain stimulation, primarily with transcranial magnetic stimulation, is informed by mapping meso-scale networks to guide treatment of conditions such as depression. Future work seeks to use machine learning to identify treatment predictors and match individual patients to specific treatments.