Matthew VanEseltine


Social Science
Causal Inference, Computing, Data Visualization, Databases and Data management, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Security and Privacy, Statistics

Matthew VanEseltine

Assistant Research Scientist

Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research

Assistant Research Scientist, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research

Dr. VanEseltine is a sociologist and data scientist working with large-scale administrative data for causal and policy analysis. His interests include studying the effects of scientific infrastructure, training, and initiatives, as well as the development of open, sustainable, and replicable systems for data construction, curation, and dissemination. As part of the Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS), he contributes to record linkage and data improvements in the research community releases of UMETRICS, a data system built from integrated records on federal award funding and spending from dozens of American universities. Dr. VanEseltine’s recent work includes studying the impacts of COVID-19 on academic research activity.