MIDAS organizes many events throughout the year specifically geared towards students’ technical skill development, job search and career preparation, and engagement with industry professionals in the data science field.


Participating as either teams or individuals, students use real world data sets from industry sponsors, community organizations, or University research projects to answer pre-defined research questions.  Often run as competitions, MIDAS aims to promote student work by using judges from industry that may (and many times do) offer outstanding participants internship and permanent job opportunities.

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Students learn about how data science is utilized in industry and how best to prepare for careers through conversations with real-world professionals.  Sessions are either centered around a theme (interviewing, company specific job openings, etc.) or feature panelists from various fields to give a broad overview of career opportunities in data science.  

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MIDAS coordinates workshops with industry professionals that center around a specific data science tool, software package, or company-specific methodology.  Participants actively engage with presenters using real-world data to gain practical experience. Workshop providers include AWS, Google, and Databricks. See the event page for more details on upcoming and past events.

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November 17, 2020 | 4-5:30pm

Women+Data Science Community Conversation

Hosted by the MIDAS Student Leadership Board

MIDAS welcomes all faculty, staff, and students at U=M who identify as women to participate in this event.  The goal is to build community and connections between faculty and students while cultivating conversation about career development and identity as the minority gender in a STEM field.

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