This working group focuses on data security, privacy, data fairness, validity, and sensible applications to policy.  Such topics are essential in data science methodology and tools development, and in many research areas including healthcare, education, business and finance, sustainability, and social sciences.  This group welcomes methodologists as well as researchers in any research area who take these issues into consideration.  We hope to create an interdisciplinary forum that will foster innovative ideas and new collaboration.

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The compiled group members’ profile will be updated as new contents are provided by group members.

Trustworthy data science research mailing list

Last Name First Name Department and job title Email address
Ammori Candice undergraduate student, Ross School
Asudeh Abolfazl Research fellow, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Banerjee Sy Associate Professor, Marketing, UM-Flint
Bower Amandna PhD student, Math
Boyd Eric Director of Research Networks, Advanced Research Computing-Technology Services
Carlson Jake Director of Research Data Services, U-M libraries
Chen Joyce Undergraduate, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Chen Yang Assistant Professor, Statistics
Davidson Bleckman Johanna Data Project Manager, Restricted Data Contracts and Systems, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research
Dinov Ivo Professor, School of Nursing
Fioretto Ferdinando Research Fellow, Industrial and Operations Engineering
Geva Sharon Director, Advanced Research Computing
Gunchick Valerie Internal Medicine
Harris Marcy Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Hemphill Libby Associate Professor, School of Information, Institute for Social Research
Hero Al Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Jagadish HV Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Krishnan Hari Ford Motor Company
Li Jun Professor, Human Genetics, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
Ma Ping Visiting Scholar, Mechanical Engineering
McCarthy Paul Ford GDI&A, Analytics Manager
Misra Aditi Assistant Research Scientist, U-M Transportation Research Institute
Mneimneh Zeina Assistant Research Scientist, Survey Research Center
Neidert Lisa Assistant Research Scientist, Institute for Social Research
Phillips Carson Staff Research, Office of Budget and Planning
Platt Jodyn Assistant Professor, Learning Health Sciences
Rao Arvind Associate Professor, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
Richardson Marc Data Operations – Product Owner of Consent Mangement
Schaub Florian Assistant Professor, School of Information
Schell Justin Learning Design Specialist, Library – Shapiro Design Lab
Strauss Martin Professor, Math, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Sun Hanbo Graduate Student, Statistics
Sun Yuekai Assistant professor, Statistics
Traugott Michael Research Professor, Center for Political Studies, Institute for Social Research
Turjeman Dana PhD Candidate, Marketing, Ross School
Uludag Suleyman Flint Computer Science, Assoc Prof
Vydiswaran V.G.Vinod Assistant Professor, Learning Health Sciences
Weber Kate Senior Business Analyst, Dental Informatics
Witkowski Kristine Assistant Research Scientist, Institute for Social Research