Lyft Dataset

The open datasets include: 1) The logs of movement of traffic agents—cars, cyclists, and pedestrians—that their autonomous fleet encountered on Palo Alto routes. 2) Raw sensor camera and LiDAR inputs as perceived by autonomous vehicles in a bounded geographic area.  3)

Mcity Data Garage

Data Garage is an Mcity maintained dataset catalog. The data is primarily vehicle-level sensor (LIDAR and camera) data that includes multiple geographical areas, high-volume road user intersections, and multiple weather conditions.   U-M credentials are required to access the datasets.

Waymo Open Dataset

The Waymo Open Dataset is comprised of high resolution sensor (LIDAR and camera) data collected by Waymo self-driving cars in a wide variety of conditions. The company is releasing this dataset publicly to aid the research community in making advancements in machine perception and self-driving technology.

Waze for Cities Dataset

Waze for Cities Data includes access to their anonymized user data and traffic data.