Introduction to SAS: Basic Data Manipulating, Summarizing, and Graphing

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Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic statistical calculations and graphs is helpful.

In this one-day, six-hour workshop we will discuss the basics of using SAS for data analysis. The workshop is held in a computer lab and will alternate between instructor presentations and attendee work sessions. After this course the attendee will be able to load data into SAS from several file formats; create new variables in a dataset; sort, join, and subset datasets; create and use data formats; and properly record missing data. Additionally, the attendee will be able to compute, in SAS, basic univariate summaries (e.g., means, standard deviations, quantiles, counts, percentages) and create univariate graphs (e.g., histograms, density curves, boxplots, and bar charts). If time permits, we will discuss multivariate summaries (e.g., correlations, odds ratios) and graphs (e.g., scatterplots, stacked bar charts, side-by-side boxplots). Good statistical practice will be demonstrated but this workshop is not designed to teach statistics.