Intro to Natural Language Processing with Python

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This workshop will provide a quick overview of natural language processing using Python. We’ll cover the basics. Segmenting text into tokens, assigning part-of-speech, assigning dependency labels, detecting and labeling named-entities. We’ll also cover sentiment analysis, topic modelling and maybe some visualizations. The workshop will be conducted in Python and is intended for users with basic Python programming knowledge. Anaconda Python 3.5 and a Jupyter Notebook will be used.

Prof. Dragomir Radev teaching online course on Natural Language Processing through Coursera

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This summer, Prof. Dragomir Radev is teaching two course offerings of his course Introduction to Natural Language Processing through Coursera, the online education platform which aims to provide universal access to the world’s best education.

Prof. Radev is offering the 12-week course twice, with the first session having begun July 4th and the second session set to begin on August 1st. The course provides an introduction to the field of Natural Language Processing. It includes relevant background material in Linguistics, Mathematics, Probabilities, and Computer Science.