Learning Health Systems Symposium

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Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Learning Health Systems

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Join us for our 3nd annual symposium and workshop on the ethical, legal and social implications of learning health systems (ELSI-LHS).

This year’s focus will be on use cases and lessons learned from emerging learning health systems and their enabling technologies locally, in the state of Michigan, and across the US to address chronic diseases such as cancer. Special emphasis will be placed on themes and issues arising in previous symposia such as trust, systems ethics, and equity.

Speakers include: Michelle Meyers, Jeremy Sugarman, Shawneequa Callier, Kirsten Ostherr, Anya Prince, David Magnus, and more to come!


NAS / CATS: Integrating Ethics and Privacy Concerns into Data Science Education

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 Meeting & Webcast on Data Science Education in the Workplace

“Integrating Ethics and Privacy Concerns into Data Science Education”

Roundtable Meeting and Webcast on December 8, 2017

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine invite you to attend the fifth meeting and webcast of the Roundtable on Data Science Postsecondary Education on December 8, 2017.  This meeting will focus on “Integrating Ethics and Privacy Concerns into Data Science Education” and will bring together experts from academia, industry, and government to discuss current practices and strategies to better integrate ethical and privacy concerns into data science courses.  Learn more about the roundtable and watch past meetings at nas.edu/dsert.

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About Math and Statistics at the National Academies

The Board on Mathematical Sciences and Analytics (BMSA) leads activities in the mathematical sciences at the National Academies in topic areas including from applied mathematics, scientific computing, and risk analysis.

The Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics (CATS) organizes studies and events focusing on the statistical sciences, big data and data science, statistical education, the use of statistics, and issues affecting the field. CATS occupies a pivotal position in the statistical community, providing expertise in methodology and policy formation.