Student Leadership Board

MIDAS is accepting applications from students for our Student Leadership Board, a small group of students from across campus that will advise MIDAS leaders on data science activities that benefit the student community. The Leadership Board will also plan research, training and community service events or projects throughout the year for the data science student community. 

Term Length: October, 2021 – May, 2022

Time Commitment: 1 hour meeting per month; 10-15 hours per semester planning for projects and events, and participation in Board-led events.

Qualifications: Enrolled in a degree program at U-M, completed at least 1 semester at U-M (any of the three campuses), some experience in Data Science.

Apply HERE by September 17. (2020-2021 leadership board members are welcome to reapply)

Please e-mail with any questions.

The Michigan Institute for Data Science is proud to announce the formation of its inaugural Student Leadership Board and Planning Committees.  Representing multiple Schools, Colleges, Programs, Majors, and all three degree levels (Undergraduate, Masters, and Doctoral), 10 students were selected to help MIDAS leaders design data science education initiatives and research programming on UM’s campus.  The leadership board will also help plan various events throughout the year that promote diversity and inclusion in the field as well as strengthen the current community of data science practitioners on UM’s campus.

The 2020-21 Leadership Board Members are: 

  • Veronica Alfaro- Undergraduate, LSA, Statistics and Data Science
  • Eric Chen- Undergraduate, Engineering, Data Science Engineering
  • Mackenzie Francisco- Masters, Information, Applied Data Science
  • Gauri Kambhatla- Masters, Engineering, Computer Science Engineering
  • Ani Madurkar- Masters, Information, Applied Data Science
  • Sanidhi Metha- Undergraduate, LSA, Data Science
  • Vikram Mohan- Undergraduate, LSA, Statistics
  • Katherine Nicholson- Undergraduate, Engineering, Data Science Engineering
  • Makarand Parigi- Masters, Engineering, Computer Science Engineering
  • Stephen Salerno- Doctoral, Public Health, Biostatistics

Student Teams

MIDAS offers student organization advising and can serve as the administrative sponsor for any data science-related student organizations wishing to exist as a Sponsored Student Organization through the University’s Center for Campus Involvement.  

Examples of MIDAS administrative support:

  • MIDAS faculty advising on research and data science projects
  • Help with seeking data sets and computing resources for projects
  • Connection to community organizations and industry affiliates for data projects

To inquire about becoming a MIDAS-sponsored student organization, e-mail

Below is a list of the teams that MIDAS supports.


Collaborating on data-driven projects, Michigan EcoData is a new vibrant organization at the University of Michigan that works on creating data driven and multidisciplinary solutions to ecological issues.  Our philosophy as an organization is oriented towards identifying gaps in knowledge in order to enact change that benefits the ecological well-being of communities and ecosystems. EcoData members work in small groups and work as a team to accomplish project goals. We foster an incredibly open environment, where members from a variety of disciplines can come together to work on project teams or start their own.

Michigan Data Science Team

MDST is dedicated to educating students about the practical applications of data science. This means we work on projects, hold workshops, and also have a couple of social events throughout the semester. 

Tech 4 Social Good

Tech for Social Good is a community of students from all disciplines interested in exploring the intersection of technology and society. This community organizes campus-wide dialogues on social justice related topics, and also facilitate community-based project teams in order to support different causes while defining the role of technology for a more just society.

Statistics in the Community 

STATCOM (Statistics in the Community) at the University of Michigan is a community outreach program provided by graduate students in the Departments of Biostatistics, Statistics, and the Program for Survey Methodology at University of Michigan. The program offers the expertise of statistics graduate students, free of charge, to non-profit governmental and community organizations in the areas of data organization, analysis, and interpretation.  MIDAS partners with STATCOM annually by hosting the Data for Public Good Symposium, a full day event that features presentations and workshops from UM students, faculty, and community and industry partners on data science projects designed to contribute to the betterment of society.

Michigan Student Artificial Intelligence Lab

The Michigan Student Artificial Intelligence Lab (MSAIL) is a student organization for discussion of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  We are a community in which motivated students read and discuss modern machine learning literature together in weekly discussion groups. We welcome students of all backgrounds and abilities.

Project X

ProjectX is a two month long machine learning research competition for undergraduate students from the top universities in North America, hosted by the University of Toronto Artificial Intelligence Group.  This initiative is designed to focus on tackling important problems like Climate Change.  MIDAS coordinates UM’s involvement in this competition, forming the student team and advising members throughout the competition.  Students conduct research on a given topic and submit a research paper at the culmination of the competition.  Finalists earn a cash prize and present their research at the University of Toronto, competing for the grand prize.