Emerging Pillar: Cultivating New Strengths

We support team activities in strategic research areas that have the potential to grow into pillars. The focus is on areas that are, or are expected to be, national priorities and / or U-M strengths, and can be significantly boosted with Data Science and AI. Naturally, activities in this pillar are exploratory, and a strong focus will emerge with time.

Have questions about pillar activities? Please email midas-contact@umich.edu.

Training Program for Environmental Scientists

Overview: The program aims to provide U-M faculty and research scientists with the requisite training to successfully apply data science techniques to environmental science research questions and strategies for integrating data science into their grant applications. Through this training program we hope to develop a research community across U-M that will advance the application of data science to environmental science, broadly defined as encompassing environmental, climate, and earth sciences; as well as ecology.

The full training program will consist of three phases: a half-day workshop, a week-long bootcamp, and two optional half-day follow-up sessions.

Who Will Benefit: This workshop is open to all environmental scientists who want to explore data science methods for their research, but the content is geared towards junior faculty members and those from the public and private sector at similar career stages.

Coordinators: Yang Chen (Assistant Professor, Statistics) and Jing Liu (Managing Director, MIDAS)

Have questions about any of these activities? Please email midas-contact@umich.edu.