Research activities in 4 interconnected “pillars”

MIDAS aims to maximize the scientific and societal impact of data science and AI through focusing its research support on strategic areas – “pillars.” The broad themes of the pillars are promoting responsible research, supporting the adoption of new data types and methodologies, and boosting emerging strategic research directions. The specific disciplinary focus of the pillars will change over time. Activities for the pillars are interconnected where possible to maximize synergy and promote collaboration.

In addition, MIDAS continues to foster connections and collaborations in data science and AI for the entire university and in all relevant research areas, support an inclusive community of researchers, and promote cutting edge methodological development.


Responsible Research Pillar

MIDAS collaborates with our researchers to develop foundational principles, developing methodology and tools, and deploying such tools for the ethical use of data and algorithms.

Data Pillar

MIDAS supports the development and use of data science and AI methods to better understand society through new data types such as text, video, sensor and digital trace data. 

Analytics Pillar

MIDAS collaborates with campus partners to enable the adoption of cutting-edge analytics and modeling of complex data to boost U-M’s biomedical and healthcare research.

Emerging Pillar

We support team activities in strategic research areas that have the potential to grow into pillars.