Recent Grant Awards

  • Affiliated faculty, Brahmajee Nallamothu, Bhramar Mukherjee, and team win American Heart Association(AHA) grant
    A $2.5 million grant from the American Heart Association will help establish a new wearable health technology research center and national research collaboration, and a supplemental $200K grant will be used to track cardiovascular consequences of COVID-19.
  • MIDAS Affiliated Faculty, Mike Cafarella, Shobita Parthasarathy, and Xudong Fan, Receive NSF RAPID grants for COVID-19
    Many MIDAS affiliated faculty members receive the NSF RAPID grant to aid in the fight against COVID-19.
  • MIDAS Affiliated Faculty, Shu-Fang Shih, Receives an NSF RAPID Grant for COVID-19
    MIDAS affiliated faculty, Shu-Fang Shih, receives an NSF RAPID grant for changes in risk perceptions and COVID-19.

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Research Stories

  • The Diversity of Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
    MIDAS affiliate faculty member, Sharon Glotzer, investigates the multitude of applications of over 300 previously unreported crystal structures
  • Increasing GPS Localization Accuracy With Reinforcement Learning
    MIDAS affiliated faculty member, Neda Masoud, proposes a reinforcement learning framework to increase GPS localization accuracy.
  • Iterative single-cell multi-omic integration using online learning
    MIDAS affiliated faculty member, Josh Welch, and team describe online integrative non-negative matrix factorization (iNMF), an algorithm for integrating large, diverse and continually arriving single-cell datasets.

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