Recent Grant Awards

  • U-M lab, co-directed by MIDAS affiliated faculty, Inbal (Billie) Nahum-Shani and Daniel Almirall, awarded $13.2M grant to help thwart substance abuse disorders
    The d3lab focused on developing cutting-edge methods to inform effective interventions for drug abuse, HIV and other chronic conditions has been awarded a $13.2 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
  • MIDAS Affiliated Faculty, Mike Cafarella, Shobita Parthasarathy, and Xudong Fan, Receive NSF RAPID grants for COVID-19
    Many MIDAS affiliated faculty members receive the NSF RAPID grant to aid in the fight against COVID-19.
  • Affiliated faculty, Brahmajee Nallamothu, Bhramar Mukherjee, and team win American Heart Association(AHA) grant
    A $2.5 million grant from the American Heart Association will help establish a new wearable health technology research center and national research collaboration, and a supplemental $200K grant will be used to track cardiovascular consequences of COVID-19.

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Research Stories

  • On cross-ancestry cancer polygenic risk scores
    MIDAS affiliated facult members, Xiang Zhou and Bhramar Mukherjee, highlight opportunity to use results from large European GWAS for the construction of PRS in diverse ancestry groups..
  • Reward is enough
    MIDAS affiliated faculty member, Satinder Singh, hypothesises that intelligence, and its associated abilities, can be understood as subserving the maximisation of reward.
  • Continuing Cardiopulmonary Symptoms, Disability, and Financial Toxicity 1 Month After Hospitalization for Third-Wave COVID-19: Early Results From a US Nationwide Cohort
    MIDAS affiliated faculty, Andrew Admon, investigates incident symptoms in patients who survived COVID-19 after hospitalization.

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