Regularized Regression and Poststratification: Blending Data Science and Survey Methodology to Increase the Reproducibility of Population Genetics Research

Research Overview

Drs. Yajuan Si and Colter Mitchell (Institute for Social Research) lead the team to combine data science tools and survey research tools to improve the quality and generalizability of population genetics research, especially child and adolescent cognitive and education research. They will apply data science tools to identify and address sample discrepancy and provide tools with recommendations on socio-biology/bio-demography data collection and analysis in the future.

Research Impact

Research Team

Yajuan Si, Research Assistant Professor, ISR–Statistics

Colter Mitchell, Research Assistant Professor, ISR–Sociology

Brady West, Research Associate Professor, ISR–Survey Methodology

Erin Ware, Research Assistant Professor, ISR–Genetic Epidemiology