Organizations from the public and private sectors work with MIDAS through research and training events, collaborative research, and talent recruitment. Collaboration with MIDAS allows our partners to stay in touch with cutting-edge data science and AI research and enhance their capability for data-to-insight transfer. Working with external partners, MIDAS faculty and students ground their research in real-world challenges, and translate research into positive societal impact.

Research Partnership

  • MIDAS works with partners with diverse data needs. For organizations new to data science and AI, we help them explore how to best use their data to gain critical insight. With organizations with strong data science and AI teams, we collaborate to develop cutting-edge methodologies and applications.
  • Collaborative projects and joint research grants with MIDAS faculty members
  • Joint postdoctoral fellowships
  • Data competitions and student research projects


  • External partners’ participation in research symposia and seminars
  • Joint research workshops in thematic areas
  • Training workshops

Talent recruitment

  • Job and internship postings
  • Career events with students
  • Access to digital student resume book

Please send inquiries to Jing Liu (, MIDAS Executive Director.