The Public Interest Technology Knowledge Network (PIT-KN) project aims to democratize knowledge within the field of public interest technology by mainstreaming the lived experiences of underrepresented PIT entrepreneurs (defined here simply as tech-enabled social entrepreneurs) that have historically been relegated to the peripheries.

As the proliferation of technology continues with wide ranging implications on society, it is crucial to shape PIT into a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment. Given that the design of technological solutions is not value free and often reflects the lived experience of their creators, our project focuses specifically on PIT entrepreneurs that identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). Our objective is to create an environment where individuals with diverse experiences that have historically been marginalized, become co-creators of innovative tech solutions that are reflective of the needs of different communities within the society.

Project Values

ProximityWe place value on lived experiences that are proximate to the problems being addressed

Learning – We place value on collaboration, knowledge development, and the learnings that occur during the process of sharing knowledge.

Safe, Supportive and Inclusive Community  – We place value on creating a safe, supportive and inclusive community for underrepresented practitioners working in the public interest.

Where We Started

We started as a PIT-UN member working to build career pathways into Public Interest Technology (PIT) for students and social entrepreneurs from historically underrepresented communities.

Funding provided by New America through the New Venture Fund

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More About Public Interest Technology (PIT)

Public Interest Technology adopts best practices in human-centered design, product development, process re-engineering, and data science to solve public problems in an inclusive, iterative manner-continuously learning, improving, and aiming to deliver better outcomes to the public.

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