Digging Into Data Challenge seeks data science projects in social science and humanities — June 29 deadline

The Digging Into Data Challenge, which aims to address how “big data” changes the research landscape for the humanities and social sciences, is seeking submissions for its fourth found of funding.

Digging into Data is a grant program sponsored by several leading research funders from around the world (see each round below). Teams of researchers from at least two different participating countries send in grant applications. These applications are reviewed by an international peer review panel.

Examples of the titles of previous grant winners include:

  • Automating Data Extraction from Chinese Texts
  • Digging Archaeology Data: Image Search and Markup
  • Field Mapping: An Archival Protocol for Social Science Research Findings.

For more information on the program, see its website. For information on applying, see the Application Materials page. The deadline is June 29, 2016