MIDAS Data Science and AI Mini-Symposium Series

The MIDAS Mini-Symposium Series is meant to explore the promises of data science and AI for scientific inquiry and improving our society through various lenses such as sustainability and data justice. Each mini-symposium will feature talks by several prominent researchers around an important theme, and faculty roundtables / workshops with the speakers with the aim of developing new research ideas and collaboration.
This series replaces the previous weekly seminar series.

Winter 2023 Mini-Symposia

Automated Research Workflow

JAN. 26 – 27
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Data Justice and Design

FEB. 9 – 10
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U-M AI in Science and Engineering Day

APR. 3
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Implementing AI in Health

APR. 17 – 18
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From Theory to Practice: Building Ethical and Trustworthy AI

MAY 16
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Fall 2022 Mini-Symposia

Datatopia: The Future of Scientific Discovery Through a Data Lens

SEPT. 29 – 30
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Advances in AI for Sustainability

OCT. 6
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Decision Making with Data Analytics

DEC. 9
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