MIDAS 2021 Highlights

Letter from the Director

“With your help, our work at MIDAS offers far-reaching positive impacts and ensures that Data Science research is enabled by real-world data and inspired by real-world challenges, and that research outcomes are translated into products, services and policies for positive social change.”

MIDAS at a Glance

Affiliated Faculty
External Partners
Research Projects funded by MIDAS
External Grants enabled

MIDAS 2021 Highlights

Ethical and Responsible Data Science

MIDAS continued to lead and facilitate responsible, ethical, and reproducible Data Science and AI research

Enabling Cutting-edge and Interdisciplinary Research

MIDAS provided seed funding, enabled data access, and catalyzed groundbreaking ideas and teams that cut across disciplinary boundaries

Data Science for Social Good and External Collaboration

MIDAS collaborated with academia, industry and public-sector partners to maximize the scientific and societal impact of data science and AI research

MIDAS Community Highlights

Celebrating the achievements of the researchers and students in the MIDAS community