Kelly Psilidis

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Kelly Psilidis (P-see-lee-these) is the Faculty Training Program Manager with MIDAS. She is honored to be supporting a multi-university team of instructors to develop a groundbreaking nationwide training program for biomedical science faculty and staff scientists. Kelly also coordinates the MIDAS Summer Academies for faculty and staff to build data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills.

As an experienced training manager and higher education administrator, Kelly brings over 19+ years of experience to the MIDAS department. She revels in unraveling the complexities of a project and piecing it back together in a way that not only makes sense but also sparks excitement. Her passion lies in empowering partners, fostering positive collaborations, and strives for the best possible outcome that contribute to the overall success of MIDAS.

While she’s not busy revolutionizing the training world, you can find Kelly hiking beautiful Michigan with her golden retriever, Jager or in the kitchen concocting new recipes. Her husband and two children play the role of her brave taste-testers.

Helena Grobel

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Helena Grobel is an Information Science student with a concentration in UX Design and a Computer Science minor. She is interested in automotive experience and video game user flows, as well as technological accessibility for users with disabilities.

Aside from academics, she is passionate about interdisciplinary sustainability, cooking, and painting.

Brendon Cho

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Brendon Cho provides administrative support to MIDAS leadership and the Schmidt AI in Science Fellowship program. His responsibilities include schedule coordination, building-related activities, IT ordering/inventory, and event support among other operations-related duties.

Catherine Leonhard

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Catherine is a junior at the University of Michigan’s STAMPS School of Art & Design majoring in Art & Design and minoring in Computer Science. Her interests include Web Design, Graphic Design, and Photography and she is studying to become a Web Designer.

Boyuan Zheng

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Boyuan is a student in Computer Science, Data Science, and Mathematics. He is interested in Reinforcement Learning and Multimodal Learning. Apart from academics, he is interested in Art and Design.

Merve Hickok

Merve Hickok

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Merve will strengthen MIDAS effort to develop best practices and training for the responsible use of data and AI in academic research, strengthen large U-M grant proposals’ responsible data and AI components, and provide insights on AI policy and regulatory priorities to help bridge research with applied work. 

Merve Hickok is the founder of She is a globally renowned expert on AI policy, ethics and governance. Her contributions and perspective have featured in the Guardian, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, Wired, Scientific American, Politico, Protocol, Vox, The Economist and S&P. Her research, training and consulting work focuses on the impact of AI systems on individuals, society, public and private organizations – with a particular focus on fundamental rights, democratic values, and social justice. She provides consultancy to C-suite leaders, and training services to public and private organizations on Responsible AI development, due diligence and governance. She also teaches data ethics at University of Michigan, and serves as a Board member in multiple organizations.

Merve is the President and Research Director at Center for AI & Digital Policy, deeply engaged in global AI policy and regulatory work. The Center educates AI policy practitioners and advocates across 60+ countries, advises international organizations (such as European Commission, UNESCO, the Council of Europe, OECD).

Merve has provided testimony to the US Congress, State of California Civil Rights Office, New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, Detroit City Council, and many global organizations interested in AI policy and ethics. 

Merve also works with several non-profit organizations globally to advance both the academic and professional research in this field for underrepresented groups. She has been recognized by a number of organizations – most recently as one of the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics™ – 2021, and as Runner-up for Responsible AI Leader of the Year – 2022 (Women in AI).

Previously, Merve held various senior roles in Fortune 100 companies for more than 15 years.

Daniel Alexander

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Dan grew up in the Midwest and is thrilled to be back and working at MIDAS.  He has spent the past 5 years working in research reproducibility and has discovered a passion for helping others to achieve their research goals in a way that enables and encourages sharing and reuse of both data and code.  He believes that code and data are fundamentally linked with each other as well as with the publication and reproducibility works to show and strengthen these bonds.

Fun fact: When adopting his cat, she jumped from her cage at the shelter into his lap and started hissing at the other cats, so he knew he had to take her home.

Sreelakshmi S B

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Sreelakshmi is a first-year Master’s student at the School of Information, specializing in UX Research and Design. She is passionate about simplifying user workflows for complex technical tools and designing inclusive, accessible user experiences. With her technical background and roots in software development, she brings a unique, holistic approach to Design. 

Outside of work, Sreelakshmi enjoys singing, playing badminton, swimming, and traveling.

Ziyang Fang

Ziyang (Zion) Fang

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Zion is a first-year Master’s student specializing in UX Research and Design at the University of Michigan’s School of Information, holding a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Florida. With a passion for crafting functional and visually compelling user experiences, Zion strives to blend his technical background with his keen eye for design.

Outside work and academics, Zion is an avid sneakerhead, a devoted basketball fan, and a skateboard beginner.

Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

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Jen Lewis is the Program Manager for the Eric and Wendy Schmidt AI in Science Fellowship Program. In this role, she supports the application, recruitment, and training activities for the Schmidt Fellows. Jen hails from Michigan and grew up in the Flint and Detroit metro areas before moving to Ann Arbor as an undergraduate student where she earned her bachelor’s degree in the History of Art. Prior to joining MIDAS, Jen provided administrative support in several areas around UM, including ISR,  LSA, Medical School, Public Health, and most recently the Michigan Society of Fellows. Outside of UM, Jen worked as a qualitative analyst at Platt’s Data Analytics, a gallerina in an American West focused art gallery in Chicago, and as customer service rock star with Zingerman’s.

Outside of work, Jen can often be found puttering around art galleries, museums, and installations, exploring local hiking trails with her husband and their 3 dogs, and working at the intersection of art and activism specifically focused on menstrual health. In 2013, Jen created a macrophotography project entitled Beauty in Blood to destigmatize menstruation through visual art. Her artwork has been displayed internationally, featured in various publications, including the Palgrave Handbook on Critical Menstruation Studies. As part of this initiative, Jen curated an international exhibition in partnership with the Society of Menstrual Cycle Research and the Center for Women’s Health and Human Rights.