Springleaf Winners Announced

By January 27, 2017 MDSTPosts

The Springleaf Marketing Response Challenge is now over! Thank you and congratulations to all the dedicated students who competed. In total, we had over 50 students and 20 teams participate in this competition.

1st Place: $200 Amazon Gift Card + T-Shirts

#34 – Cantseetherandomforestforthetrees

Alexander Zaitzeff and Jared Webb

2nd Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card + T-Shirts

#545 – Physteam

Arya Farahi and Anthony Kremin

3rd Place: T-Shirts

#552 – GGBrown

Xiang Li, Xinyu Tan, Tianpei Xie, and Jianming Sang

We graciously acknowledge Soartech for funding for the MDST Springleaf Challenge.