ITS Teaching & Learning datasets contain student learning data from our Canvas Learning Management System as well as student demographic data from the U-M Student Information System.

Unizin Data Warehouse Dataset

The UDW dataset is comprised of teaching and learning data created through the use of the Canvas LMS by U-M  faculty, staff, and students from 2014 until the present.  Researchers can use this data to help answer questions on student learning and learning outcomes.  Administrators can use the data to track program outcomes. For teaching faculty, this data is useful in providing insights into teaching methodologies and instructional resource utilization.

Unizin Data Platform Dataset

The UDP dataset includes most of the Canvas data found in the Unizin Data Warehouse but is paired with extensive student demographic data from the UM Student Information System.    The UDP is now available in production however additional Canvas and demographics data are still being added to the schema.