The objectives of the MIDAS Industry Engagement Program are to advance research in data science and deliver value to its industry partners through collaborative engagement. Another goal is to expose our students and trainees to cutting edge data science technologies and real world problems, only obtainable through close connections with Industry. Engaging big data-oriented companies through local, regional and national partnerships is essential to MIDAS and the University’s investment in data science.

MIDAS leadership is working closely with the University’s Business Engagement Center (BEC) to develop key partnerships with industry. MIDAS is also working closely with the NSF Big Data Hub Program, and is a leading member of its Midwest Big Data Hub team.

Industry Engagement Program activities will include:

  • Sponsorship and collaborative engagement with MIDAS Data Science Challenges in Transportation, Learning Analytics, Personalized Medicine and Health, and Social Science.
  • Advice on data science education and training programs
  • Data Science internships for students and trainees
  • Recruitment opportunities for data science graduates
  • Industry sponsorships and engagement in:
    • MIDAS Graduate certificate program projects
    • MIDAS data science seminar series
    • MIDAS Faculty data science research and development
    • Co-sponsoring MIDAS workshops
  • Use of MIDAS Data Science Services for cross-cutting data science methodologies
  • Partnership with MIDAS on extramural sponsored research grant proposals
    • Participation in MIDAS-lead responses to major regional/topical data science programs from National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and other federal or private funding agencies

Please contact Industry Partnership Leader Jing Liu to explore how your organization might partner with MIDAS.