Grant Opportunities

Proposal Support

Many research projects, in a wide range of disciplines, can benefit from data science.  MIDAS provides support for U-M investigators to improve the data science component of grant proposals in many different ways, ranging from a simple description of MIDAS facilities and resources to substantial collaborative research.  Inquiries should be sent to:

  1. For MIDAS facilities and resources, please submit this Google Form to access the boilerplate language.
  2. For a Letter of Support, please include, in your request, a draft abstract of your proposal and whether you seek specific types of support from MIDAS. Please send your request to MIDAS at least one month before the U-M internal deadline, so that we have time to work out the support details and to iterate the letter as needed.
  3. To find data science experts to give you feedback on the data science portion of your proposal, requests should be sent to MIDAS at least one month before the U-M internal deadline, and the proposal should be in near-final form.
  4. At the proposal planning stage, MIDAS offers an overview of data science research resources on campus and will help connect the team with data science collaborators. When we receive this type of request, a MIDAS team member will start the initial conversation and coordinate appropriate follow-up discussions.  Even with our help, it may take you some time to determine the suitability of a resource you were previously not familiar with. Also, good research collaborations take some time to develop.  For these reasons, we recommend that you contact us as early in your planning process as possible, ideally several months before the deadline.
  5. If a research team needs a staff data scientist to be on the grant proposal, MIDAS will work together with CSCAR (Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research) to help identify such personnel.
  6. With our extensive connection with the data science student community on campus, and with industry, government and community organizations, we are in a strong position to support education and outreach components of research grant proposals.

We may be able to help in other ways, not listed above.  If you seek other types of support, we encourage you to contact MIDAS as early as possible to initiate a discussion.