Grant Opportunities

Workshop Session

PODS Grants

MIDAS annual Propelling Original Data Science (PODS) Grants

Computing Credits

Computing Credits for Research and Teaching

Center for Data-Driven Drug Development and Treatment Assessment (DATA)

Funding for computational methods, data science solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques in drug design, drug repositioning, drug treatment assessment, patient phenotyping, and quantitative pharmacovigilance

Funding Trends Discussion Series

Exploring the funding trends and opportunities for data science and AI across a variety of fields.

Proposal Support

MIDAS supports U-M investigators’ grant proposals in many ways. Please send your inquiry to:

  • For MIDAS facilities and resources, please submit this Google Form to access the boilerplate language.
  • For a Letter of Support, please include, in your request, a draft abstract of your proposal and whether you seek specific types of support from MIDAS.
  • MIDAS organizes “red team reviews” for you to receive feedback for your proposal.
  • MIDAS can connect you with data science collaborators and campus resources.
  • If a research team needs a staff data scientist to be on the grant proposal, MIDAS will work together with CSCAR (Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research) to help identify such personnel.
  • With a large number of educational offerings and extensive connection with industry, government and community organizations, MIDAS is especially suitable to support education and outreach components of research grant proposals.

Please contact us as early as possible for us to support your proposal. If you have ideas that are not listed above, we are happy to discuss with you.