Faculty GenAI Research Connections

As part of the mission to foster interdisciplinary research and collaboration, MIDAS hosts a number of research incubation events for faculty who are starting to incorporate generative AI in their research; these events focus on project and funding ideation, networking and research team-building. See below for more information on past events. If you are interested in proposing an idea for a future session, please reach out to midas-research@umich.edu.

For a full list of upcoming MIDAS events, please visit our Happening @ Michigan page or subscribe to our newsletter.

Building Grant Proposal Ideas

March 4, 2024

A brainstorming session for faculty who are exploring the use of generative AI in research, whether for the purpose of filling in gaps in data, linking datasets, analyzing, or generating research hypotheses. This session was meant to serve as a forum to facilitate idea-sharing, identifying potential collaborators, learning from others’ experiences, and discussing grant opportunities to pursue.

GenAI Show-and-Tell

February 21, 2024

A “crowd-sourcing” session for research skill-building. Attendees gave short presentations on the Generative AI tools they have tried incorporating in their research, reporting out on their successes, challenges, and recommendations to other researchers.

GenAI in Research Faculty Workshop

July 25–26, 2023

A two-day workshop for faculty, which featured speakers from academia and industry to explore GenAI’s impact on research across a wide range of research fields through presentations on use-cases and extensive interdisciplinary roundtable discussions.

GenAI Coast-to-Coast Webinar Series

August 2023

These four webinars brought together eight prominent researchers from peer data science institutions across the country, exploring GenAI across the themes of healthcare, public health, policy, ethics and more. Click to learn more about the speakers and view the recordings.