NSF Workshop on Frameworks for Integrative Data Equity Systems (FIDES) and Foundations of Responsible Data Science (FORDS)

(FIDES Award #1934565) (FORDS Award #1902959)

ALL TIMES ARE EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

March 25th (Wednesday)

  • 11:00am Julia Stoyanovich: Welcome View Slides
  • 11:15am Solon Barocas: Keynote
  • 12:00pm Breakout overview and charge
  • 12:15pm Breakout Session 1: Warmup, Framing, and Examples
  • 1:00pm Break (Organizers will synthesize/cluster ideas)
  • 1:30pm Organizer's Recap of Breakout 1
  • 1:45pm Breakout Session 2: Sources and Impacts of Inequity
  • 3:15pm Break
  • 3:45pm Breakout Session 3: Integrative Data Systems
  • 5:15pm Recap
  • 5:30pm Adjourn

March 26th (Thursday)

  • 11:00am Welcome back; H.V. Jagadish: Keynote View Keynote Slides
  • 11:30am Breakout Session 2: Report and Discussion
    (30min) 5 minute report-back per group, co-leads speak
    (20min) Plenary discussion, moderated by organizers
  • 12:20pm Breakout Session 3: Report and Discussion
    (30min) 5 minute report-bback per group, co-leads speak
    (20min) Plenary Discussion, moderated by organizers
  • 1:10pm Break
  • 1:40pm Panel: Ashley Casovan (AI Global), Stefaan Verhulst (GovLab), Jenny Yang (The Urban Institute), Robert Cheetham (Azavea), Maggie Levenstein (UMich / ICPSR):
    What has been said that you can support with examples from your work?
    What important angles are missing?
  • 3:00pm Break
  • 3:30pm Breakout Session 4: Application Domain Exercises in breakout groups
    (5 minutes of Breakout charge, followed by 55 minutes of discussion)
  • 4:30pm Recap
    (30min) Report back from Breakout Session 4 application exercises
    (15min) Plenary discussion, moderated by organizers
  • 5:15pm Adjourn