The two-year Fellows Program accepts recent PhDs who excel in their respective fields and whose work is in data science.  They will work at the boundaries of data science methods and domain sciences in an intellectually vibrant environment, and develop collaborative relationships with the U-M data science community.

The Fellows program is a component of MIDAS’ effort to catalyze the transformative use of Data Science in a wide range of disciplines to achieve lasting societal impact, through research, education, outreach and partnership.

Current Fellows

Arya Farahi

Cosmology and its intersection with fundamental physics

Qianying Lin

Epidemic inferences and trends

Patrick Park

Structure and evolution of large-scale human social networks

Elyas Sabeti

Develop theory and algorithms for analysis of medical Big Data

Maria Han Veiga

Developing techniques for multi-scale modelling

Edgar Franco Vivanco

Examining how colonial-era institutions and contemporary criminal violence shape economic under-performance

Blair Winograd

Combining conceptual writing prompts, automated peer review, NLP, and automated personalized feedback to create an infrastructure for writing at scale

Ian Stewart

Developing and evaluating socially-aware natural language processing systems

Johanna Okerlund

Incorporating ethics and justice in Computer Science Education