Joseph (Yossi) Cohen

Schmidt AI in Science Fellow

Yossi Cohen received his Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. His thesis explored industrial artificial intelligence concepts for fault diagnosis, advancing prognostics and health management research for complex manufacturing systems. His research interests include human-centered augmented intelligence, responsible artificial intelligence in industry, and sustainable manufacturing.

As a Schmidt AI in Science Fellow, Yossi is currently investigating the intersection of explainable artificial intelligence with uncertainty quantification to improve the reliability of model explanation methods. He aims to construct responsible and human-centered methodologies for intelligent optimization of systems and operations to improve decision-making in industry, with applications to manufacturing, aerospace, and renewable power systems.

  • AI Mentor: Xun Huan; Mechanical Engineering
  • Science Mentor:  Eunshin Byon; Industrial and Operations Engineering
  • Additional Mentor: Peng Wang; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Research Theme: Responsible AI for Industrial Decision-Making