Walter Dempsey


Behavioral Science, Social Science
Causal Inference, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Networks

Walter Dempsey

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, Assistant Research Professor at the Institute of Social Research

Department of Biostatistics

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, School of Public Health and Research Assistant Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research

Dr. Dempsey’s research focuses on statistical methods for digital and mobile health. My current work involves three complementary research themes: (1) experimental design and data analytic methods to inform multi-stage decision making in health; (2) statistical modeling of complex longitudinal and survival data; and (3) statistical modeling of complex relational structures such as interaction networks. Current directions include (1) integration of sequential multiple assignment randomized trials (SMARTs) and micro-randomized trials (MRTs) and associated causal inference methods; (2) recurrent event analysis in the presence of high-frequency sensor data; and (3) temporal models for, community detection of, and link prediction using complex interaction data.