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American Educational Research Association (AERA); International Society of the Learning Sciences (ICLS); International Artificial Intelligence in Education Society (AIED)

Vu-Minh Chieu

Assistant Research Scientist

Education, School of Education

Vu-Minh Chieu is an assistant research scientist at the GRIP (Geometry, Reasoning, and Instructional Practices) laboratory, directed by Patricio Herbst at the School of Education. Chieu’s research focuses on personalized learning, intelligent tutoring systems, computer-based simulations, human–computer interaction, and technology-enhanced professional learning. Chieu’s research aims at describing and explaining how theories of learning and instruction can be applied to the design of learning technologies as well as how technologies can be designed to build, test, and refine theories of learning and instruction. Patricio Herbst and Chieu has designed and developed LessonSketch (www.lessonsketch.org), a virtual lab that supports practice-based learning for mathematics teacher development. Chieu and his colleagues has been developing computational models and tools to support the collection of learners’ interaction with LessonSketch and with each other (e.g., their use of resources and tools in LessonSketch, contents they create, and logs of their forum discussions), to analyze the collected data (e.g., analysis of correlations between their use of resources and the quality of their discussions), and to use the analyzed data to inform the design of learning technologies as well as to personalize learning experiences for learners (e.g., the design of software features to improve the quality of forum discussions).