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Healthcare Research, Social Science
Databases and Data management, Image Data, Security and Privacy, Statistics
Relevant Projects:

https://life-m.org/, linkagelibrary.org, sreereg.org

Susan Hautaniemi Leonard

Associate Research Scientist


I am faculty at ICPSR, the largest social science data archive in the world. I manage an education research pre-registration site (sreereg.org) that is focused on transparency and replicability. I also manage a site for sharing work around record linkage, including code (linkagelibrary.org). I am involved in the LIFE-M project (life-m.org), recently classifying the mortality data. That project uses cutting-edge techniques for machine-reading handwritten forms.

Mortality rates for selected causes in the total population per 1,000, 1850–1912, Holyoke and Northampton, Massachusetts