Behavioral Science, Mental Health, Mobile Devices, Networks, Policy Research, Population Sciences, Public Health, Research Reproducibility, Social Sciences, Survey Research
Data Collection Design, Data Quality, Database Systems and Infrastructure, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Network Analysis, Statistical Inference, Survey Methodology
Relevant Projects:

NIH (National Institute of Health), NSF (National Science Foundation)

Sunghee Lee

Research Associate Professor

Institute for Social Research, Survey Research Center


California Health Interview Survey Advisory Committee

My research focuses on issues in data collection with hard-to-reach populations. In particular, she examines 1) nontraditional sampling approaches for minority or stigmatized populations and their statistical properties and 2) measurement error and comparability issues for racial, ethnic and linguistic minorities, which also have implications for cross-cultural research/survey methodology. Most recently, my research has been dedicated to respondent driven sampling that uses existing social networks to recruit participants in both face-to-face and Web data collection settings. I plan to expand my research scope in examining representation issues focusing on the racial/ethnic minority groups in the U.S. in the era of big data.