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Business Analytics, Economics, Education, Healthcare Management and Outcomes, Management Science, Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research, Social Sciences
Causal Inference, Dynamical Models, Econometrics, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Statistical Modeling

S. Sriram


Marketing, Ross School of Business

S. Sriram, PhD, is Professor of Marketing in the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor.

Prof. Sriram’s research interests are in the areas of brand and product portfolio management, multi-sided platforms, healthcare policy, and online education. His research uses state of the art econometric methods to answer important managerial and policy-relevant questions. He has studied topics such as measuring and tracking brand equity and optimal allocation of resources to maintain long-term brand profitability, cannibalization, consumer adoption of technology products, and strategies for multi-sided platforms. Substantively, his research has spanned several industries including consumer packaged goods, technology products and services, retailing, news media, the interface of healthcare and marketing, and MOOCs.